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winMASW® is a software application for the joint analysis of seismic data designed in order to achieve highly-reliable Vs (shear-wave velocity) vertical profiles.

In order to accomplish such a goal, different methodologies are implemented:

  • MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves) analysis considering both Rayleigh and Loves waves (joint analysis)
  • MFA (Multiple Filter Analysis) techniques (i.e. phase and group velocities) considering both Rayleigh and Loves waves
  • Analysis of Rayleigh-wave attenuation for the estimation of Qs quality factors
  • Modeling 1D of P and SH-wave refraction travel times (also considering Low-velocity Channels)
  • ReMi (Refraction Microtremors) analysis
  • ESAC (Extended Spatial Auto-Correlation)
  • HVSR (Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral ratio) to estimate the resonance frequency
  • Synthetic seismograms and Full Velocity Spectra (FVS) inversion
  • RPM Analysis (Rayleigh-wave Particle Motion) frequency-offset surface

The key feature of winMASW® is represented by the possibility of jointly analyzing different data such as: Rayleigh and Love-wave MASW (phase velocities) and MFA (Multiple-Filter Analysis for group-velocity determination), FVS (Full Velocity Spectrum) analyses, modeling of P- and SH- wave refraction travel times (1D), HVSR, ReMi, ESAC (bi-dimensional array providing much better performances compared to ReMi) etc.
This way we can overcome the problems related to non-uniqueness of the solution and all the possible ambiguities in the data interpretation.
Please consider that the "best" techniques to adopt for a survey actually depend on the goals and on the complexity of the site.
For this reason winMASW® offers a complete arsenal of tools capable of handling any kind of analysis and problem.

winMASW® is available in six different versions: Academy, Professional, 3C, Standard, Lite and winHVSR.   

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WinMASW, el software mas completo y poderoso del mercado en el procesamiento de ensayos: MASW, MAM, REMI, ESAC, HVSR y la combinacion en conjunto de todos estos ensayos como un solo procesamiento de alta fiabilidad.

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